SEO for Recruitment Agencies

16 May

Recruiters can no longer overlook the potential of SEO (search engine optimization); SEO can drive many benefits to any recruitment agency. In a competitive world, every recruitment agency wants to stay ahead of the other agencies. RS Digital Marketing can help you to accomplish that goal.

We work with recruitment agencies in the UK to provide a full range of SEO and Digital outreach marketing services and have them ranked on Google page one for many search terms providing increased traffic and leads to them.

SEO has become an imperative part of most companies’ overall approach. Helping them to boost search rankings, increase brand awareness and attract their potential audience.

Considering the significance of SEO for recruitment agencies, we’ve come up with some proven results driven services for them to enhance their SEO. This, in turn, helps them to raise their brand and remain ahead of the rest on search engines.

With our expert SEO services, we will help you grow your client list, bringing in new business and job candidate placement lead opportunities.

Optimising Your Job Vacancies

In order to prime your entire website for search engine traffic, RS Digital Marketing will ensure that each page of your site including your job vacancies are individually optimised. While there are several approaches to optimize sites naturally other SEO agencies will use, the odds are that they’ll probably optimize for wrong keywords or terms that, with time, become inappropriate to your potential audience.

The benefits of optimizing each Job Vacancy:

1. Enables keywords to be evolved and updated, providing you an on-going opportunity to broaden your audience.
2. Mitigate problems with website migration and technical design changes as well.
3. Keep your SEO techniques intact and your website relevant.

Keyword Research

Make sure that your keywords are right. If your keywords are very generic, then you’ll probably find yourself competing pointlessly with a large number of sites, most of them won’t be your competitors. However, choosing keywords that are very precise may make you miss what people are searching for. What are your clients and candidates searching for? It’s these factors that you would like us to concentrate on.

Up-to-date Website

Search engines like Google want the most relevant and clean coded websites at the top of their search results. They particularly look for the most up-to-date and curated content.

Our outreach writers will keep your recruitment site fresh which helps a lot in the long-term. Google understands that recruitment sites are different. It recognizes the number of jobs available and how frequently they’re refreshed.

We help a range of different recruitment agencies in many industries and can adapt to any niche and we won’t work with more than one agency in the same niche or location ensuring you can the full benefit of our skills and knowledge.

Are You Ready to Start Your SEO Journey?

Our friendly team work closely with our clients to help them find the best solutions for them moving forward, and help them boost their search presence and increase there leads.

For more information on how we can help you thrive and grow, reach out to us and speak with one of our experts for your next project on 01282 452096.


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