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Getting connected with real people in real time couldn’t be easier with Facebook Ads, Facebook is one of if not the most popular social networks available, and thousands of people sign into Facebook every hour. By using Facebook for your advertising you can easily reach out to a variety of different target markets and with its vast usage, Facebook ads can be a great way to let people know about your company along with the products or services you offer.

With the use of Facebook ads advertising can become much more accessible, at RS Digital we can help you design your advertisement and we will ensure that it is implemented on Facebook so that it will bring you the traffic you desire. Your Facebook advertisement good reach over 800 million potential customers, you can choose to control who views your advertisement by selecting the location of your target market along with age and interests. A Facebook ad will allow you to promote your Facebook page which will allow you to increase your ‘likes’ along with making more people aware of your company.

When you create your Facebook advertisement it is essential that you include all of the relevant information such as your company name along with a link to your website or Facebook page, this way people who are interested can be taken straight to you. If your ad isn’t eye catching then the chances are that most people will not take a second look at it, which means you could be losing out on a vast amount of potential customers.

At RS Digital we will help you run your Facebook ads campaign, once it is up and running we can take over complete control if you wish ad we will give you regular updates on how your Facebook ad is affecting the traffic flow to your website and how beneficial it is to your business.

If you would like to know about how Facebook ads could benefit you then please do not hesitate to get in touch and talk to a member of our team who will be able to answer any questions or queries you may have.

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Marketing your company on Facebook, the benefits explained:

RS Digital, already a leading entity in ethical SEO and internet marketing solutions offer bespoke Facebook Marketing Services, following the exponential growth in popularity of this leading social networking site. Recognising its true potential, our team of experts have the resources, experience and knowledge to take your company further than you could ever imagine, using every resource to obtain excellent results for you. Of the many beneficial points we could discuss, we have listed five of the best ones below:

[list] [listitem]Instant engagement and easy liaisons with customers – Facebook is a social marketplace where individuals can talk directly to each other, just in the same way as businesses can talk directly to their clients and customers or vice versa. Enabling companies to message subscribers and customers on new releases or special offers, the Facebook page can act as a hub of marketing operations, where news and conversations can be discussed and shared endlessly.[/listitem] [listitem]The acquisition of new clients and customers – An amazing thing about Facebook is the simplicity behind how your popularity can spread by recommendations from friends and existing customers alone. Simple yet powerful and effective, acquiring new clients is easily achievable with Facebook.[/listitem] [listitem]Increase your website’s traffic – Correctly using your Facebook page can offer such a boost to your website traffic levels. Because you create an inviting and interesting page on Facebook, you can use it to shepherd visitors to your site, all by using social updates, clever posts and advertisements and much more.[/listitem] [listitem]Boosting your company and product awareness – This is an interesting point to focus on. News feeds that are seen constantly across Facebook assist many businesses by allowing subscribers to share particular posts, which are then in turn shared by their friends/ followers. More individuals become aware of you and your business, leading to great possibilities to obtain new followers, clients and fans.[/listitem] [listitem]Facebook Places – this clever addition from the leading social networking specialists will allow users to benefit by allowing them to take full advantage of location based services within their particular area. So perfect for electricians through to beauty therapists and window cleaners to legal solicitors, cafes, bars and restaurants. When visiting your establishment of company, visitors can effectively ‘check in’ and automatically you’re displayed across their social network of friends and followers![/listitem] [/list]

With our Facebook Marketing Services available to assist you in greatly boosting your awareness and productivity, some may ask the question why call on us to offer a lending hand? Well here at RS Digital we have spent the time and resources building up the best Facebook Account Management Services available. Surprising but with the right assistance, great changes can occur that can lead to a vast difference in how you perceive Facebook as a relevant marketing tool.