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The main aim of any search engine is to return results that are most relevant for a particular search term or keyword. Our Ethical SEO techniques along with our Link Building Strategies will make your website pages as relevant as possible for targeted keywords. Unethical or Black Hat SEO will, instead of enhancing your websites potential for enquiries or purchases it will in fact reduce your visitor to customer ratios. Unfortunately your online business is likely to gain little from this and greatly increase your chances of being penalised. Ethical SEO will bring you quality targeted traffic, which in turn brings people who are looking to buy what you are advertising. Misdirected web traffic is worthless!

When anyone arrives at your website from any Search Engine they are looking to find either products/information even a service you may provide that is relevant for the keyword they have used to find you. If they are then realising this is not what they searched for 99% of the time they will not stay and buy this is unethical SEO. By giving your visitors the relevant information that they are looking for you greatly increase your conversion ratio from visitors to customers. If using Unethical techniques it is highly likely that you could well be losing sales to your online competitors.

Unethical SEO or Black Hat SEO is something that is widely discussed in the search engine optimisation community and unfortunately the general public and business alike unfortunately remain largely unaware of the facts that could prevent them from losing money. There are many different methods of Black Hat SEO, fortunately the major search engines such as Google™, Yahoo!™ and MSN™ penalise sights who use such methods unfortunately at that point it is to late as you would have already spent your hard earned money, so getting search engine optimisation right and choosing the right person or company is vital. Search engines have terms and conditions of use in these terms and conditions they prohibit the use of Black Hat SEO techniques such as link bombing, spamming, cloaking and other unethical techniques. Ethical SEO should always adhere to terms and conditions of the search engines; if you do not adhere to these terms and conditions, any results you gain for your site, and even page rank increase and the money you have paid out on your website could be for nothing when the search engines discover how you cheated your way to get results. This is why RS Digital Ltd only adheres to Ethical SEO techniques.


[list columns=2] [listitem]Avoid Hidden Texts[/listitem] [listitem]Don’t Use Cloaking or very sneaky redirects[/listitem] [listitem]Don’t send lots of queries to Google[/listitem] [listitem]Don’t create sub domains or duplicate sites[/listitem] [listitem]Don’t apply pages to your site that are not relevant to their intended keyword[/listitem] [/list] [/section]