“See you at the top!”  – SEO, your route to success


SEO is the service to get you to the top of the search engines. Do you want to be the business which shouts out to the person as soon as they search? Of course you do.  Can your service stand above the competition and have exclusive appeal?  We believe it can.


And we want you to believe too. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, a fast and proven technique which makes your website matter. When people go to Google with questions, you will be their answer. Rather than being back in the pages in a standard search, SEO enables your website to ascend the ranks and be clear to see. You can progress every day and prove it.  The process allows keywords to be tailored to your businesses, so you can connect and grow with customers who will value your services, both locally and nationally.


At RS Digital, we can free your online potential through our range of optimisation techniques. With forty years of industry knowledge we strive to offer the cleanest, clearest white hat methods. When you opt for other SEO providers, they may use black-hat techniques which involve spam and provide risky results. Compare this to our services which care about and prioritise your performance, using the safest methods – which are also the most effective. White hat is organic, using quality content including press releases and guest blogs to build you to be an online presence no one will forget in a hurry.


Taking into account every aspect of your site, our team of experts will help you target the right keywords to bring the very best result. We know you care about providing customer with what they are searching for – and want to make that a reality.  Search engines such as Google advance all the time, but so do we, bringing the newest methods to keep our clients ahead.   Don’t fall back into the barely-noticed pages of the search engines! Our organic SEO techniques are as fresh as they can be, making you a force to contend with. Why not let us show you? With our free SEO review we can discuss your options and tailor our packages to fit your requirements.

This essential service gets your website onto the Google advertising bar – and you only pay when you get results. PPC is a technique which allows people searching for keywords relating to your business, to be quickly greeted by your service, right in front of their eyes. You only pay when they click your link; so you can be assured of a value for money in a way that gets you noticed!


Through PPC you can start an effective campaign with minimal costing, keep control and only pay for productive results.  We have been helping a number of businesses see a real transformation through this service:

  • Easily measure your return on investment
  • Be part of an advertising campaign which is closely monitored and keeps you aware of your most profitable  returns
  • PPC  is of instant effect, creating attention ad generating results. This can support SEO which may take longer as a process

Gone are the days of being buried behind in the search engine results pages. OUR PPC service can get you the top spot.


Many digital marketing services offer PPC – after all, it is an important technique online and something everyone should consider. However, when you choose RS Digital, we give you the value of over 40 years industry knowledge, as well as constantly evolving techniques to keep up with the market.


When you opt for our account setup, this means we can structure a PPC campaign to suit your business requirements. We address multiple aspects of online performance – offering you:

  • Account structuring
  • Keyword research/analysis – so you can attract customers and provide them with exactly what they are looking for
  • Landing page analysis – know what people do on your site and how you can influence key customer decisions
  • Full camping REO tracking
  • On-going bid management

Although these methods may sound complicated, they are essential parts of building to improve your website profits and return on investment. A member of our team will always be on hand and will let you know where you stand, at every stge.


Customer care and satisfaction are of central importance to us here at RS Digital. That is why we provide our clients with monthly PPC management and exclusive optimisation, which is composed of:

  • Ongoing bid management – looking at the historical performance of your site and increasing or lowering bids accordingly – meaning the best value for you
  • Ad management – creative and restructuring techniques incorporated, meaning that you can keep impressing  with up-to-date keyword management

Furthermore, our PPC service also includes your own dedicated account manager – available five days a week, on-hand for you. They can help you to get the campaign direction and make the achievements you want.