09 Feb

Google Deindexes Pages of Offline Websites

Do you know what the meaning of deindexing is? Well, it’s basically when Google decides to remove some pages from a website when the stuff on that page doesn’t really help with users’ search enquiries. This happens when website owners spam pages in their website for better SEO or they

12 Jan

Build a high-impact SEO strategy in 2022

2022 SEO Strategy

SEO is a powerful tool that helps people searching the internet find relevant information or products simply by typing keywords into their search engine. Improving your SEO enables you to get organic traffic from people searching these keywords. If you want to build a highly effective SEO strategy in 2022

12 Dec

December Core Update

December Core update

Lets contemplate the impact of the recent major core update changes. This update was a contentious one. It happened just 7 days before Black Friday, leaving a multitude of e-commerce sites spinning in the wind. E-commerce giants were worried that their sales would be affected. It appears that reference sites

20 Nov

IndexNow plugin for WordPress

Over the holidays, Microsoft released a brand new tool for WordPress users called IndexNow. This plugin automatically submits your website’s URLs to search engines. Once installed, the plugin will detect every time you create, update or delete a page on your website and then it shares that information with the

08 Oct

The Importance of Local SEO for Your Business

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a route for websites to increase their positions and visibility in the SERP’S Search Engine Result Pages. SEO can help to rank your product or business keywords nationally and locally. If you want to promote your business locally then the SEO must

10 Sep

Soft 404s can Harm Your Google Rankings

Google Rankings are critical when it comes to getting your business in front and centre of your customers. But there is one overlooked deterrent that can kill your rankings: the Soft 404. A soft 404 is an expired landing page or, in other words, a website URL that tells the

15 Jul

Customer Reviews Can Help Boost Your SEO

magine yourself at a restaurant that you’ve never visited before. You don’t know what you want to order. Your server has not yet had a chance to greet you because they’re busy serving the table next to you: they just brought out a dish that looks delicious. As the guests