Making Organic Listings More Effective and Improving CTRs

05 Dec

When looking to improve search engine rankings, people are often bombarded with copious amounts of blogs regarding the different algorithms such as Panda, Pigeon, Possum and Penguin alongside other things that they find difficult to understand, however, one area in which these same people tend to overlook is the engagement and click-through rate associate with their organic listings. Of course, improving your search engine rankings is all good, however, this alone is not enough, and it is vital for all advertising within the organic search results to ensure that their listings are compelling and enticing.

Today we will discuss some of the recommendations for all looking to drive the maximum amount of qualified traffic to their websites to consider…

Improve CTR

Identifying the pages with low click-through rates

By looking into your Google analytics and following the below process, people are easily able to identify their website pages with high impressions and low CTRs, and in turn create a list of landing pages that need to be improved.

Google Analytics > Acquisition > Search Console > Landing Pages

Looking for opportunities to expand title tags

One sure way that people can increase their CTRs is to improve the effectiveness of their Page Titles – taking complete advantage of the increased space introduced in May last year, and being sure to include the highest priority keywords.

Top tip: It is always best practice to use a SERP preview tool when altering Meta Tags and such in order to gain a thorough understanding of how individual listing will appear visually in the search engine results.

Making meta tags more compelling

The best Title Tags are more often than not interesting, intriguing, descriptive and emotion-evoking – in many cases reading like newspaper headlines. It is vital that within Title Tags keywords are present too though. When creating Title tags people should always start by focusing on user intent, slipping in important SEO keywords afterwards.

In addition to this people must ensure that that their Meta Descriptions are also optimised only including keywords where they naturally fit, and instead using language and clever wording to entice the most users to click. After all Meta Descriptions have no explicit SEO value other than CTR.

We can help you further

These aren’t the only available tips for those looking to improve their CTRs within the organic search results either – for all looking for maximum exposure and qualified traffic, we advise that they contact our team today! With over 10 years’ experience within the industry, we are able to assist all sized businesses within all sectors in achieving their dreams.

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Gareth Owen