It’s a Facebook Frenzy!

04 Feb

Facebook celebrates its 10th Birthday

Facebook is a company that has been credited with changing the way that billions of people around the way communicate. This week, Facebook turns 10! The social media giant, originally known as “Thefacebook”, was launched on Febuary 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg.

And statistics show that far from waning, Facebook is still growing in size, with millions of new people joining the networking site each year.

Active Facebook users could outnumber Chinese population by 2015

In the same week as Facebook hits 10, figures from Statista, a leading statistics outfit, show that Facebook currently has as many active users – users who use Facebook each month – as people who live in India. More impressive still, by 2015 it’s being predicted that the number of active users on Facebook will outnumber the population of China.

There are currently over 1.23 billion active Facebook users. Comparatively, there are 1.35 billion people living in China.

The impressive figures show just how far Facebook has come since its launch in 2004, when it started off as an exclusive social network for students at Harvard University.

Facebook launches Paper app

Not one to rest on their laurels, Facebook also announced last week that it is set to launch “Facebook Paper”, an app that’s expected to dramatically alter how users access photographs, videos, status updates and curated news content.

The iOS app was launched in the US on Monday and is in many ways a radical extraction of the current NewsFeed featured on Facebook.

One of the primarily benefits of Facebook Paper, according to industry experts and Facebook themselves, is that the app will group relevant news items together, making it easier for Facebook users to follow what’s happening in the media and also in their social circles.

While Facebook was once criticised for failing to embrace mobile technology, they’ve made clear in recent years that they want to significantly strengthen their mobile position.

Unfortunately, while Facebook Paper looks and sounds impressive, there is no immediate plans to make the iOS app available in the UK. The social media marketing geeks here at RS Digital are all hoping this changes!

Gareth Owen