Enhance your online presence with social media.

16 Jul

Social media networks are a great way of advertising your business, people use them in their everyday life mostly for personal use but there are others who also use them in their professional life.

You may not have noticed this yourself but social networking websites are used by companies to advertise their products and services, by making use of the social networking sites people are not as aware that advertising is taking place if a company has their own page. When a company posts something on their page or a status it is a way for the company to connect with their customers in real time along with advertising their products. They can advertise their products by running a competition or asking the people who have liked their page about which products they like and why. If a person comments on a post it is often shown in their friends’ timeline which means that people who may not have already known about the company will now do so and they may take an interest and visit the website. This person then becomes a potential customer and while browsing the website they may discover a product they want to purchase.

Advertising by using a profile on a social networking website can often be much more effective than making use of their paid advertisings, this is because people can often not pay attention to the paid listings but when something crops up in their news feed they are much more likely to take a closer look and see what it is that they have found. Even if they just view a company’s social networking page that company will then stick in their mind so when they require what the company sells they will think of them and look further into purchasing from them.

Gareth Owen