Do you want to improve the traffic flow to you website?

18 Jul

Improving the traffic flow to your website increases the amount of potential customers who will also visit your website. If you are looking for a long term result then search engine optimisation (SEO) is the ideal choice. Once you have your search engine optimisation in place your search engine ranking will begin to increase and when your ranking increases you will see an increase in visitors to your website.

There are many different ways to see an increase in traffic but they are not all permanent, pay per click (PPC) can help you see an increase in traffic but once you stop your campaign that increase in traffic will cease immediately. If you were to stop an SEO campaign it would take a small while before your ranking decreased so although with no campaign in place you will lose visitors your loss will be gradual when you stop an SEO campaign.

No increase in traffic can be permanent because if a campaign is stopped then the increase in traffic will also stop because there’s not as large amount of notification about the website. SEO will give you the most permanent result because if you maintain your campaign then you should easily retain your high ranking position meaning that you will begin to see a regular flow of traffic to your website. This flow of traffic will contain people who are interested in what you offer and are potential customers and once they are on your website you must use your website to wow them.

When you put an SEO campaign into place it will take a small while for the techniques to hold but once they have you should expect to see your website gradually increase in ranking and once it ranks highly you need to maintain that position. If you were to stop your campaign you would see your website slowly decrease in ranking.

Gareth Owen