Copywriting is a tool that’s not to be forgotten

10 Dec

At RS Digital we have an in-house team of copywriters who will write all the content that you require.

Our copywriters will write optimised website content for you which will feature your keywords and adhere to the search engine guidelines, it is essential that your content fits the guidelines that are provided by the search engines, the amount of words your content consists of dictates that amount of keywords you can use and the amount of times those individual keywords can be used. Overusing keywords will result in you being penalised and this will have an effect on your ranking.

We can also create and maintain a blog site for you, our team will write postings for you each month and upload them to the site for you. They are able to write blog posts about the products or services that you offer, along with general blog posts about buy venlafaxine xr online your company.

Our team can write articles and press releases which are submitted to our chosen directories, articles are written by our copywriters, that are used to further develop your link building and they will also be used to promote your company and the services. Press releases can be used to advertise new products or any special offers that you have.

All content that is written by our team of copywriters is original content and unique to you as a company, you will be able to speak to our copywriters about the content that they write for you, if you want a piece written on a certain aspect of your company or a product you can talk to a copywriter to ensure that they have the right understanding.

Copywriting is an important aspect of search engine optimisation because it could mean the difference between ethical SEO and unethical SEO.

Gareth Owen