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Google Release New September 2019 Core Update

Yesterday Google released the new September 2019 Core Update impacting how Google ranks new websites and how Google determines what is the most relevant web page for each specific query. The new Google September 2019 Core Update is important to all website owners, and all website owners at this time…
September 25, 2019
Website Design

Pay Monthly Website Design and Development

The Importance of Quality Website Design and Development It is imperative that all businesses looking to succeed online, whether that be through promoting their brands, or encouraging individuals to buy their products and services, ensure that they have good websites in place – Websites must not only look the part…
September 18, 2019

Google Set to Delete Google+ Accounts! Here is What You Need to Do

After many months of discussing the future of Google+, our suspicions have been confirmed; with Google recently announcing their plans to start deleting Google+ accounts and pages on April 2nd. Google has revealed that on April 2nd they will officially shut down its consumer version of the Google+ platform, making…
February 7, 2019

Facebook Reviews are Now Recommendations

Facebook has recently introduced new updates for Business Pages with the aim to provide users with easier ways to interact with local businesses. One of the main changes that has been made is the transition from Facebook Reviews to Recommendations – an evolved version of the Facebook reviews system. What…
December 19, 2018

How to Boost Your Seasonal SEO Traffic

With so many companies now competing with one another within each industry, online SEO is essential all year long, however, what many people do not realise is that SEO techniques and tactics have to be switched up throughout the year, especially in the run up to the Christmas period. It…
October 31, 2018

YouTube Channels Removed Over Duplicate Content Issues

Has your YouTube channel recently disappeared? If it has, YouTube could have removed it due to duplicate content issues! Keep on reading to find out more… YouTube has lately announced that it has started to crack down on YouTube channels that are taking already-produced videos and re-uploading them to their…
October 23, 2018