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20 Jun

Job Listings to Become More Prominent in Google Search

Google has announced that Job Listings are now going to be coming to Google’s search engine results in a much more prominent way – allowing for both job hunters and companies searching for the greatest employees to more easily discover exactly what they’re looking for.   Google is teaming up

16 Jun

Grabbing People’s Attention with Effective PPC Ads

When using PPC as a marketing method the ultimate aim is to grab searchers attention – providing them with the information that they need and thus enticing them to click on your ad. Whether using the ever popular Google AdWords platform, or other PPC options such as Bing Ads, this

15 Jun

How Social Media Affects SEO

As we have said many times before, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is constantly evolving, with the recommended practices changing continuously. One question in which many people ask us here at RS Digital is “How does Social Media affect SEO?”, and in line with this today we are going to be