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29 Apr

Twitter Trending Bar Receives An Update

It seems that Twitter have started rolling out a new update for Twitter, with some users, including myself, seeing an update to the Twitter trending bar, which displays the key words on what’s currently trending in the world, be it a new movie or a celebrity death. There has been

28 Apr

You Can Now Download Your Full Google Search History!

Google has been the first port of call for millions since its birth, and we’ve searched many things over the years. For tips, for products, for news, for things perhaps less than savoury… but we’ve searched, and we’ve searched long and hard. And now you can download your complete Google

24 Apr

It’s YouTube’s 10th Birthday This Week!

Ten years is a milestone, and this week it’s YouTube’s 10th birthday, and the way its expanded over the last decade suggests many more decades are in the pipeline! Ten Years of Cats and Hats YouTube began with a simple video of the co-founder Jawed Karim, visiting a zoo. A

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