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December 2014


Facebook Dumps Bing For Own Search Tool

Facebook continue to tweak their search tool, with the latest development involving the removal of Microsoft search engine, Bing, from their search service results. A new Facebook exclusive system is replacing it, blocking out Microsoft and Google from their popular service.  The History of Bing and Facebook The original partnership…
RS Digital
December 15, 2014

Google and Microsoft Unite Over Cloud Licenses

Google have been opening up a little recently, allowing other social network sites on its search engine Knowledge Graphs, and removing the need for gmail users to set up a Google+ page, which benefits the other social network sites, such as Twitter and Facebook when it comes to search engine…
RS Digital
December 11, 2014

Facebook Now Allows You To Search Through The Past

Following a recent Twitter update, Facebook now allows users to search through past posts, unearthing memories of old, or those moments most would like to stay forgotten. It's a nostalgia trip built to access the history of your friends and yourself. Rooting Through The Past An update to Facebook's Graph…
RS Digital
December 10, 2014

The Captcha Change

Many have fallen foul to the dreaded Captcha test, repeatedly finding themselves squinting hard at the squiggles of letters and numbers, in hope of making sense of it all. The test was used as a protective measure to prevent robots from getting into services, but most humans couldn't get through…
RS Digital
December 9, 2014
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RS Digital And The World Of Web Design

The first thing a company needs when taking their business online is a website. Though without any web design experience, the website put together will most likely be simplistic and poorly organised. It takes a team of experienced web designers to make something truly special, and RS Digital have that…
RS Digital
December 1, 2014