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27 Nov

The Facebook Video Boost

YouTube has long been the dominant force in online video sharing, but Facebook’s recent video service has shaken up the habitual. YouTube vs Facebook The current Facebook Video service put in place in the last year has seen the company eat into YouTube’s share success, as now the public and

25 Nov

The Facebook Buy Button

Facebook is constantly evolving, and the company are constantly experimenting with new features to try and discern how best to enhance the service. One feature that is currently going through the testing process could be of great benefit to businesses though, and that  feature is the inclusion of a Buy

20 Nov

You Can Now Search For Any Tweet Ever Posted

About 350,000 tweets are sent out a minute on Twitter. That’s about 6,000 a second and 500 million a day. There is a mass of information waiting to be read, and sometimes it can be hard to find a specific tweet posted due to the nature of the search system,

03 Nov

RS Digital Client Overview: JustBBGuns

At RS Digital, we find ourselves tackling a wide range of different subject material, thanks to the diverse collection of clients we’ve partnered with. We can be talking about car leasing one day, e-cigarettes the next. For this blog post we’re going to talk about one particular client who sells

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